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La Strada BiH

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  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
  • La Strada BiH
Exploitation of Our Workers in Azerbaijan
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Please, find attached the Statement of the Azerbaijan Migration Centre, dealing with exploitation of our workers, who worked at construction sites in Azerbaijan.

Anti-trafficking Day 2009
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Anti-trafficking day 2009 - NGOs call for human rights to be at the centre of the ministerial conference in Brussels

Training for Members of BiH Ministry of Security
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The Foundation La Strada held two-day training for the representatives of the Ministry of Security BiH on the topic “Strengthening of the State Security Forces in the Area of Combating Traff [ ... ]

Training for Border Police Sarajevo Airport
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Foundation La Strada held the second training for Border Police members at the Sarajevo Airport on 26-27 November 2008, attended also by Hajrija Muftia-Had?iomerovia, Federal Prosecutor, as a lectur [ ... ]

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Is trafficking present in Bosnia and Herzegovina?


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